hospital management software

Hospital Management Software

HMS (Hospital Management Software) is a breakthrough tool which enables the medium sized and huge hospitals to manage their operations in a cost-effective yet efficient manner. It not only does the work quickly but also takes the pain away from the hospital administration. The functioning of HMS includes activities ranging from clinical (front-end) to back office works that too without using a single piece of paper. It compiles the entire resources of the hospital into single software which makes all the activities streamlined. This system is quite robust and flexible and is not limited to only big hospitals. You can manage your clinics as well from anywhere.

Need to Become Digital

  • Medical History of patients (Photo, Id, Medications, Reports etc.)
  • Safeguard against legal aspects.(Incorrect medicine intake, incorrect prescription)
  • Systematic approach and distribution of work among team
  • Proper payment handling with track of arrears from patient
  • Go paperless and avoid bulk of entry – registers
  • Independent of staff for various operation, if anyone is one leave/left
  • Proper treatment of patients with justified approach. (Correct sequencing, scheduling, reminder of appointments, SMS communication)
  • Mobile app support for patients, to keep their large bundle of file within Mobile itself
  • Take plug and play backup for all data securely anytime.
  • Single click issuance of various letters (Insurance, Medical Leave, Admission etc)
  • Manage appointment calendar for doctors
  • Set limit on appointments
  • Rescheduling alerts for receptions
  • IPD logs and history
  • Analytics, Excel Reports, CA audit reports, Income/Expense Reports

Developed according to Government Standards

  • Presence of hospital management software in pune logo
  • Patient's Basic Profile
  • Presence of Generic name in smaller font. For eg Tab.Chekbak D3 60000 U, cholicalciferol
  • Instructions along with dosage and days
  • Multi language English/Marathi/Hindi Instructions
  • Nearby hospital contact details in case of emergency

Features & Benefits To Attract More Patients

  • Send text SMS for appointment reminders
  • Send push notification in mobile app for appointment reminders
  • Alert patient for prescription changes via mobile app
  • Place educational/promotional video of hospital
  • Let patient upload his/her profile photo using mobile app
  • Get multipage reports in mobile app, to avoid carrying bunch of files around
  • Avoid missing of papers/reports

Our Highly Esteemed Clients

  • hospital management software in wakad

    Dr. Rahul Patil

    Consultant Cardiologist, Ruby Hall CLinic

    Assistant Professor, Sasoon Hospital