Biometric Attendance Monitoring System in Pune

Biometric Attendance Monitoring System

We are happy to introduce one of our Industrial use product. Biometric Attendance Monitoring System. Which is also known as biometric attendance or smart attendance system in market .Our fast, accurate and easy-to-use systems are designed to record employees' working hours and Leave management .our system include Huge logs memory is available which is arranged date-wise to easily re-download the required date specific logs. We have customised reports in attendance, it is cloud based system. Where user can access anywhere from internet with their specific ID and Password. We can also provide Biometric attendance system in mobile application on both platform android as well as iOS
Biometric Attendance systems are suitable for every size of organization.

Product Features

  • RFID Reader System in Wakad

    RFID Reader Attendance System

  • Biometric Attendance in Wakad

    Biometric Reader Attendance System

  • Face Reader Attendance in Wakad

    Face Reader Attendance System

  • Time & Attendance Software in Wakad

    Time & Attendance Software

  • Mobile Attendance App in Wakad

    Mobile Attendance Application ( Android and iOS )

  • Card attendance in Wakad

    RFID & Other Cards

Our biometric time and attendance system not only enhances security amongst the workers but safeguards the working environment along with protecting a company’s valuable data. Moreover, our attendance management system renders secured access control and authorization by tracking & maintaining the entries & exits of every employee.

Hardware Technical Specifications

  • Wall mounted Fingerprint or RFID or Face-scanner attendance machine
  • Available with advance face detection technology
  • Authentication Time: < 1 sec / user
  • Standalone as well as network based (LAN and Internet Connectivity both available)
  • Role wise access to manage attendance and reports
  • Customized Reports as per user requirement
  • Online Support System for Complain raise and close
  • Dedicated Team for system support
  • Stand by hardware provision for emergency failure and breakdown
  • Complete (HTTPS) Secure Solution
  • Customize alerts via Mail
  • Separate Login for admin as per requirement