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Food Delivery App full Clone Of SWIGGY System
Food Delivery App full Clone Of SWIGGY System

Jul 17, 2018 by Administrator

“Food Delivery System” for your business...

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?
What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

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We have ready to sell software for billing ,and accounting software for any type of Industrial base application and shop supermarket as well

Gst billing software

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A simple to use Electronic Medical Record & Hospital Management software for Clinics and Clinical Software Chains. Browser based software deployed on your Local Area Network or the Cloud as per your need. Provide Accessibly, On Time and Patient Centric care with managed Workflow and managemnet services  software









We provide free trail of School Management System, Our system is compatible for every school Management, College Management system, we have manage student, teacher, and parent details from one place. Plan out the academic year on administrative calendars, get personalized course timetables for every grade and faculty member,

  • Teach better with tools that simplify everyday tasks. Upload and collect assignments online, track attendance, schedule and grade exams, publish lesson notes, and even organize field trips. You'll be able to send important notices to students and parents with in-app email and push notifications.
  • Give students access extracurricular activities, announcements, and performance reports through their own portal. They can also turn in assignments, fill out teacher evaluations, and apply for leave.
  •  keep parents updated on field trips, announcements, and volunteer opportunities through a parent-specific portal. Parents can use this portal to follow their child's academic performance and attendance. school management system









We You can launch your own Brand of Food Delivery Service similar to FoodPanda, JustEat, Swiggy, Postmates or Zomato. Please select your own Brand, and we will develop website and Mobile App for the same. You just need to tie-up with local Restaurants to add their menu, and earn commission on sales.


* Manage food items, and their Ingredients.
* Manage Category, add-on category, and add-on products.
* Various Sizes for food item eg. small or large, half or full plate, etc.
* Has Option for cooking reference eg. Well done, Medium rare etc
* Manage address, tax, delivery charges, Receipt Message etc.

* Send Online/ email notification to owner once there is new order.                                                                                                                                                  online food delivery app with source coad
* Facility to accept payment using Payment Gateway or Cash on Delivery.                                                                   

* Multiple Reports - Sales report, Sales report by item, Sales summary report.
* All reports could be exported to excel/csv file.
* Option to check Sales charts for last 30 days, and Sales charts by item.

* Facility to check Earning/ Sales/ Request Withdrawal, and lots more.

* Facility to generate Voucher/Coupons or Discount offer, Minimum Order etc.


* Manage Merchants - To Add/Approve Merchants, set commission, terms etc.

* Manage Sponsored Listing - add any merchant to be on top of search results.

* Membership Packages - Add plans with expiration date and price, discounts.

* Facility to Manage Cuisine, Manage Order Status, Logo, categories etc.

* Option to Manage Multiple pre-integrated Payment Gateways.

* Includes Merchant-wise Charts & Reports.

* Includes SMS Settings, E-mail Setting, Logs etc.

* Includes option to check Table Booking Report, Update Status etc.

* Includes facility to add Google (or other) Analytics code, for tracking.

* Facility to check Withdrawal Reports, and process the same.

* Facility to set Location, Currency, Language, check e-mail/sms logs etc.

* Manage Loyalty Point Program, Restaurant Reviews, SMS Settings,

* Multiple Reports - Merchant Sales report, Merchant Registration Report, Table Booking Summary etc.

* Includes Loyalty/ Reward Point System, with facility to earn points on each sale, registration, restaurant review, and redeem them on Orders.

* Facility to generate Voucher/Coupons or Discount offer, Minimum Order etc.


The section is similar to placing order, as on website.

* Option to search for restaurant, Filter restaurant by cuisine or by services.
* Auto detects location address, Multiple add-ons for food item, etc.
* Includes Multiple size and price for food item, Ingredients for food item.
* Real time order status (Integrated with Map), works with Driver App.

* Re-order previous ordered food item, payment by Multiple Payment Gateways.

* Option to "Book Table, with facility to Receive updates on your booking status.

* Add your own reviews to a restaurant

* Social Network login - facebook login, google login

* Customer can receive push notification about the status of their order


This App makes Receiving & Managing Orders easy.

* Receive orders realtime on your mobile with android & IOS push notification.
* Option to Accept and decline orders, Change order status, etc.
* Send SMS and Email to customer about there order status.
* Pull down features to load new orders, and update them online.

* Separate menu for todays order, pending orders and all orders.
* Option to change Language, Order History, Search order by id or by customer name.


* It helps Manage daily driver delivery/pickup task, Alert notification etc.
* It should Realtime location of your driver, Interactive map directions etc.
* Group your drivers by assigning them to a team, for easy access.
* Send push notification/SMS and email to your driver on real-time basis.
* Option to change Language, and check Assigned Task History
* Includes Option for Customer signature, Calendar task view, etc.
* Driver On duty on/off features and Realtime driver who's online feature.





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